Netflix instant movies…I am a virgin no more

I have been a netflix customer on and off since 2002ish. I typically shut it off in the late Spring through Fall and rejoin in late Fall early Winter when I have time to set aside to watch movies. I also often canceled because, well, movies would just sit around unwatched, or I’d be ready to watch one but it was the in between day waiting, or maybe I didn’t feel like watching what we had received.

Right around the time I canceled last, which I believe was about a year or so ago, Netflix had rolled out their instant movie access where you can just stream the movie. I think it’s a great idea of course, but frankly, I don’t want to sit in front of my PC to watch a movie.

Anyway, I let time roll by, we got a couple LCD HD TVs and then I needed to decide if I wanted to splurge and upgrade my cable to get some movie channels or to restart with Netflix. I despise the rates Comcast charges for cable, it amounts to robbery in my opinion. I don’t believe there is a meeting place of getting what you pay for. I would pay a certain rate for a la carte choices, someday…someday. So I choise to spend the extra ~$20/month with Netflix instead of Comcast because I could pick and choose my movies, still see new releases and all that.

Now a month and a half back into having Netflix again I find myself a bit in my old ways. We have two movies I have been sitting on for two weeks and one I keep forgetting to put in the mail. So last night I said, lets see if we can hook the laptop up and try an online movie. So I rooted around some old boxes for a video cable. I knew somewhere I had one for the LCD monitor in my office. I use the digital cable for it so the regular video cable was stashed.

Once I located the cable I tried connecting the laptop to the TV, I kept getting a message that the video source was unsupported. Tried Renee’s work laptop and it worked, but no audio on that puppy. Then I realized it was a resolution issue with the lappy and the TV, made some adjustments and it worked. Sweet! Uh, well now we have video and sound, but the sound is from the laptop. Back to my boxes, I know I have at least one of those little headphone jack to RCA cables somewhere, it is about 10 to 15 years old, but have it. Luckily, I was able to locate it much quicker than the VGA cable.

Connected the RCA’s to the PC Audio in on the TV and now we had sound and video. Now the TV is about 6 – 10ft away depending where you are sitting. The laptop is sitting right next to the TV and I am lazy as shit. So I use the lappy to log onto Netflix and try using the wireless mouse, woo hoo! It works from across the room. So now we are able to use the laptop, no keyboard, but that’s fine. Since we were testing this out I knew there were some movies in my queue that were good for instant watching.

We chose Stephen King’s Cats Eye, hadn’t seen it in probably 15 or so years. Was very cool to be able to do this, the quality was great and we were very excited. So today after doing some work and playing with the dog we watched another. This time the quality was not so good, looked like a typical downloaded movie, but still nice to be able to watch this way. Now we are eager to watch some old TV shows and movies.

I know there are no new releases this way, but I think it’s a great way tp catch up on TV shows, and to watch some of those older movies I really enjoy.

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