9news.com bakes a failcake!

So 9news.com launched their new fangled community site…sadly…it is not their own. They got a template from a sister station, changes some shit around and bam, new site. Hell they didn’t even change the titles. That’s some fine quality assurance they got going on. Can’t even pass the fundamental first glances of a web page. The funny thing is they post this big article about how they listened to what readers and viewers have to say. Is that so?

9news failcakeThey are also still sticking with their old tricks of trying to make you fill out a survey before reading any of the stories. If they are so community driven, why do they FORCE their users to get information that they can get from any of the local news sites?

There is nothing this site now offers that is any better than any other site. Boo to 9news.com. I’ll still watch our news, but the site sucks ass. Just so you know I am not a crack baby, you can go look at the sites in question and see just how much they really care about what you have to say. Oh I guess I should be fair, they care about your demographic so they can sell ads.

In the end, this appears to be a Gannet driven thing, if you go to Gannets web links page for their local tv stations you can click though and be amazed. Yes, not all their sites carry this template, but more than a couple do.


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