Those irritating auto warranty calls!

I get one a week easily here at work, I like to give them a hard time and push their limits then try to get them to think they are going to sell me. Then I usually throw something in that voids the warranty and that ends it.

This time, I got a number you can call and harass them with!

National Dealers Warranty

If you need a particular contact…

Tony at extension 3107

Keep in mind when the call came in the number showed up as 616-980-2223.

Have some fun, come up with something creative for a car and a location.

Here is some other great info, where they are located, take note at the employees comment about them not calling you:

So the way it works is they have an operator service that calls you, you tell them you are serious, so they “screen” the call that they made to you. Keep in mind, they lead you to believe via a recorded message that they know everything about you, yet once on the call they only know your number.

Now, once you give them some info, the operator service CALLS them and gives them the details. So technically, they didn’t call you, you called them by proxy. Amazing isn’t it.

Lastly, even the Better Business Bureau says to avoid them

BBB Urges Consumers to use Extreme Caution When Dealing with Independent Companies Offering Extended Automobile Warranties

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