Why PayPal sucks more than Paris Hilton

I am your typical average PayPal using American. It returns a decent rate and it’s nice to use for buying products. 99% of my transactions are me buying some sort of good or service. Nothing really bad there. However, that 1% of the time I actually accept money, it is always a nightmare.

My most recent experience revolves around a friend sending me money for some stickers they bought last year from me. The transaction was via a credit card. Now, Personal users like myself are not really allowed to accept credit cards, but the Fee schedule says we can accept up to 5 per year.

However, it wont let me accept the payment without upgrading my account. Now of course I could downgrade back to a personal, but you can only do that ONCE. So if I do it on this transaction I can never do it again. It’s not worth it.

Now you may be asking, why all the bitching and moaning Jay? Well here’s the thing, the fee schedule leads you to believe, as a personal account holder that you can accept up to 5 credit card (and similar) transactions in a 12 month period and at a high surcharge. This to me seems very reasonable as they are covering the costs of a CC transaction and making some money. Not a big deal to me.

However, they have to asterisks **. The funny thing here is there are two sections with **, I guess they don’t understand footnotes or annotation very well? I took a screen shot of their fee schedule and highlighted the areas of concern.

I think you’ll understand my complaint looking at this and realze that since eBay has taken over PayPal has become teh suck.

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