OMFG! Udi’s Gluten Free Bread OMFG!


I can’t believe two posts about GF food in two days. The last one was about a week overdue. Anyway, I have had a real hard time living without bread. Sure there is gluten free bread, but it tastes like shit, weighs about 5 lbs a slice and is usually about 300 calories a slice. Not that calories are an issue with me.

Anyway, after reporting about King Soopers supposedly carrying Udi’s bread, then hearing from some other Gluten Free folks hat the bread is THAT good I had to go find it.

I found it at one of the 3 king soopers that are all equi-distant from my house. It was about $6 for a loaf. The whole loaf was lighter than 3 tiny slices of this other crappy gluten free bread.

I opened it up, it even looked like real bread. Threw a few slices in the toaster to thaw em out and toast em up a little. This is a must with MOST gluten free breads just to make them bearable to choke down.


It SMELLED like real bread, I took a bite of the warm toasty dry bread. I thought I was going to collapse. It….it tastes like real bread. I can’t believe it. As they say, this is the greatest thing since sliced bread…because it is!

Anyway, I went back to Udi’s site and realized they converted their old bakery to the Gluten Free facility and you can now get the gluten free bread at either of their locations. This is just f’n awesome!

So anyway, here is a link back to Udi’s

Yes, that other picture is a Cinnamon Roll! And it was MOTHER FU*&^%’ GOOD!

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