The HTC Dream is coming! (iPhone Competitor)

In my quest for an “affordable” used 1st gen iPhone I came across info on T-Mobiles dive into the iPhone competition with a phone known as the HTC Dream based on Google’s Android open source system. Looking at the demos and reading up on it I think it will be a pretty popular option. I don’t believe anything can topple the iPhone, but if anything this will cause Apple to improve the phone.

As a long time T-Mobile customer I am hoping they reward us with a smoking deal one early offerings, but I’m not holding my breath. Since it is 3G I suspect they will just bend us over on data charges a la AT&T.

Yesterday I read that the Dream finally received FCC approval and along with that T-Mobile has been quietly advertising the date of 10.1.2008 for 3G service to something like 28 cities. Denver being one. I also read that it appears some cities have already been upgraded.

So yeah, all you 1st gen iPhone hawkers who think their beat up 8Gb iPhone is worth $500, you are going to be begging people to take it off your hands by the end of the year. 😀

Yeah I am a jerk sometimes. Anyway, I think this is pretty cool So far the iPhone competition in the US is non-existent.

Some good info on TmoNews

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