I think I need a vacation

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Work has been nice and busy and I got sucked into volunteering for more duties (temporarily) with my neighborhood. It is dragging on and I can’t keep up. Along with that all of my other projects, the house, the scout and living life have been falling behind. So much so that I am getting stressed about them.

Things aren’t all that bad though, even though I have been very busy work is good. being challenged with new things which is what I really enjoy and I have received a lot of positive feedback about my work. It’s always nice when they let you know how much they appreciate your contributions.

We were supposed to go to Salida this weekend for the second annual Colorado Treffen but because of how busy we are we just can’t make it.

Renee has a lot of projects she is managing right now and has been working a lot of extra hours to keep up. Seems like once things slow down a little for me they pick up for her.

I would really like to head back to Vegas since there are still so many good deals going on. However, I just had to have some more work done on the Audi and my PC died this week so now I am shopping for a new PC.

My quest for an iPhone is going to be on hold. I realized I need to get a season pass for skiing this year. That takes precedent over the iPhone desire.

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