Politics and you…and me

One of the things I love about being an American is that I can have whatever political view I choose. However, some of my fellow American’s seem to feel that my political views are wrong and theirs are right.

Lets remember this one thing, we are all in this together. Being a citizen of the United States of America means you take a stake in the success of your country by electing other citizens to represent you and and to lead the country.

Frankly, I don’t care what “party” has control, I don’t care what religion, race, gender or sexual orientation our elected officials are. Single, married, divorced, separated, living in sin, I don’t care.

What I want is for every American including our elected officials to take a step back and look around. Think about the greater good and not your personal agendas. Our country is very much like a large corporation. As tax-paying citizens we are all shareholders in this corporation. If things aren’t being run right, then it’s time to change leadership.

We are never going to be the powerhouse we once were as a country because as citizens we are too hung up blaming political parties for our problems. In reality it’s apathy that is our problem. We have the power as citizens to make this country better, we have the power to get this country back on track. Unfortunately, we need a leader that has the knowledge and the skill to take the helm and get us there. I say unfortunately because our current outlook is not very rosy.

We have two primary candidates, one of which will be our next leader, neither of which has provided any real reason why they should be chosen for the job. With that, what are we to expect. If we select Obama he will spend his first term working on his re-election campaign for a second term. McCain could do the same thing, but if he were a smart man he would say and stick to being a one term president.

Regardless the United States of America is in a dire situation. We have dug a hole so deep I don’t think in my lifetime we will every make up for the damage caused in recent years. I can only blame myself, I mean I can run for office, I can be a in the Senate or Congress, heck soon I will be old enough to run for President.

Instead of siting in front of a TV or my computer getting angry at all the hate democrats have for republicans and vice versa I could be out there working to make a difference. And you know what’s really crazy, so can you! I know it’s weird, but yeah. You too can go make a difference.

As citizens we need to force change from a different angle, the angle needs to be that being a politician is a job that you will be held accountable for. We need to further change the rules on funding campaigns, and what it means to take on the role. There is NO reason at all any politician should be focusing on a re-election campaign until it is within a few months of the election.

So many candidates waste our money (their salary is paid by us) and time by focusing on their re-election and not on the country. Accountability! Especially with the President, every president is a single term president unless they meet certain criteria by the beginning of the last year of their term. Just like any other job, they need a performance review. I don’t care about polls, there need to be legitimate milestones in every presidential term that if the president can’t meet those goals they can’t run for a second consecutive term. They could run again further down the road, but not in succession. If they are a second term president, well we all know that is about your legacy and what you will be remembered for so maybe there is already enough incentive there, but I’m sure we can add milestones there and that can be directly related to their post presidency benefits.

There are problems with our political system that aren’t about the fundamentals, but the application. The fact that we are stuck in a two party system, and that most politicians are more like used car salesmen (and women) than people that should be making decisions about our country.

Lets be civil with each other in this election year, lets stop trashing the candidates and instead focus on educating the citizens on what is going to be done once elected and lets hold them accountable. Enough is enough, vote for the candidate you think will be the one that can lead us properly and can begin the healing process in this country. I will do the same. Who knows, maybe, just just maybe we will see some change for the better.

One last thing, while you may think it’s funny to send out mass emails to everyone in your address book pimping your political views, it’s not. Unless you want to engage in a civil conversation and truly express your thoughts and concerns about our country and now about why you don’t like some one I don’t want to hear it. I want to know what’s going to be done, not 3rd grade “My Dad is better than your Dad” type talk.

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