More house project fun!

We have had a few projects going on at once right now. We have been swapping out all the door hardware in the house from a shiny brass to a oil rubbed/tuscan bronze finish. We also decided it was time to update the faucets in the bathrooms to coincide with these small updates.

Door hardware before:

Door hardware after:

Master bath faucet before (similar photo):

Master bath faucet after:

While doing these projects I did another which was to refinish some polished brass items in the oil rubbed bronze finish. These were items we have not been able to find replacements. There will be a separate post on that.

While working on this our painter let us know we were next so it was time to get the house painted. This was a decent sized project because we had some siding that was rotten and needed replacing. We didn’t want to foot the bill for a a total siding replacement at this time and figured we could replace the bad stuff and get a good paint job and have that last a long time.

Here is a shot of the front of the house before, this is from the realtor when we bought the house:

Some in progress photos:

The finished product:

Yes, the house has no gutters on it. We decided who needs gutters anyway. Just kidding, the new gutters will be in on Friday!

2 thoughts on “More house project fun!”

  1. REALLY nice! I especially love the faucet you picked. Is the big tree gone now? The house looks great! Way to go!

  2. The big tree is still there, but it will be gone sometime in the near future. We are debating about taking advantage of the economy and bargain deals to get it done now or just wait until next spring.

    Thanks for the comments! Hope you guys are doing well.

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