This whole Joaquin Phoenix thing…

It’s got to be a joke. He started off a few months back with the whole Bye! Good thing on his fingers, instead of Good Bye! for some reason. Then the other day I read Casey Affleck is making a documentary on his change from movie star to some sort of music career. Along with that he was going to be working with Sean “P Puff Daddy Diddy” Combs. Ha, that was kind of like that Manfred Mann song…

“There she was just a walking down the street singing..P Puff Daddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do.”

Ok, back on track, now if you don’t read the entertainment headlines then you would have missed out on this gem. From E Online:

Joaquin Phoenix Becomes Rapper Joke P

So I have a theory, yes they are making a movie, and yes, in a way Mr. Joaquin “Don’t call me Leaf” Phoenix has quit “acting.” However, I believe this all to be an act, one that is to boggle the minds of regular citizens and tabloids galore. I bet in the end the joke is on us. It will probably turn out to be some blockbuster movie.

In the end, JP will be back to do like 4 more M. Night Shyamalan movies or something like that. Though, I can’t fault him if this is for real. Why not, I mean he’s done all he can really do acting, which isn’t much. He’s made a lot of money and if he was smart with it he should be able to do whatever in the hell he wants to do. I know I would.

So I will sit back, but my bet is still on this all being a big act. If I am wrong, and he never returns to acting, he can call me and tell me how dumb I was.

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