I’m still here!

After another go round, I’ve netted no new scars, but I’m sore and feel like a frail old man. Namely because I can’t do a whole lot physically. I can drive though, so watch out!

The day I got home the dog had a seizure form all the excitement and my guess dehydration. He didn’t really eat or drink anything while I was gone. About gave me a heart attack.

Then we got sacked with the storm for the weekend, pretty much the last thing we needed. Not to mention I had put the snow blower in the shed before I went in.

Basically last week was a train wreck. Luckily Renee is an angel and has taken great care of me and everything else. I am a very lucky man. Of course everyone at PetSMart thinks I am an asshat since I stood there while she lugged a 40lb bag of dog food and a 30lb box of cat litter. I should have finished it off by saying “Now go home and make me some dinner woman!”

Well that’s about it, hope to see some of you folks soon.

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