Vegas Summer 2009 Post Mortem

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What can I say, Vegas is always a blast with friends. It really was not promising that we could go, but I did take the time off and booked a room on the chance we could make it work.

As the trip grew closer I kept my trap shut for the most part because I didn’t want to be pressured to go if it was out of my control. In the end, we decided it was a go and worse case we come back a day early.

We drove out to Vegas, took about 9.5 hours this time. Only one stop on the way and that was for gas in Green River, Utah. Once we reached Vegas we got checked in to the MGM Grand, then retrieved the car to head over the highway to In-n-Out. There is an In-n-Out in St Georg, Utah which is closer to Colorado, but in terms of location this is the best if you can’t be in California. If you do decide on IN-n-Out while in Vegas go to the on on Tropicana, it is the best.

After a double-double we headed back to the hotel and proceeded directly to Fat Tuesday in the star lane shops section of MGM Grand. That is accessed from the lobby. We bring out insulated mugs back each time for a discounted refill. I got my favorite mix of 190 Octane and Cat 5 Hurricane. At this point we had a rough idea of where people were supposed to meet and I monitored their facebook postings to find out what was going on. In the end I had to make a call to find out and was able to surprise a few folks.

The first night brought us to Ghost Bar at the Palms. It has an incredible view and seems like a neat place. It was dead and out group of about 20 constituted half the patrons in the place. We got in trouble for jumping on the window in the floor and a few other innocent things. I thought there were no rules in Vegas?

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After the Ghost Bar we headed to the Playboy club. Again, dead as a doornail and nothing risque. The bunny dealers were more covered up then most the cocktail waitresses on the casino floors. Again we made up the majority of the customers. I got out my phone to stream some video, security then chimes in “Sorry, no video, but you can take all the photos you want.” Now this guy was pretty cool because I was able to joke with him about how there really is no difference. I mean a video is just a bunch of still photos put together. They also had this platforms that were lit up for the dancing girls on certain nights. I guess they forgot to remove them. I got on on one and had my picture taken, later Brigette did the same. After that anyone who dared set foot on a platform was quickly escorted off of it. lame.

I think at this point we were all pretty far gone, got a limo back to MGM, then some drinks and bed!

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Day two was a usual routine for Renee and I, get up, get some food, fill our Fat Tuesday mugs and walk the strip. The only issue was that it ended up being 112 that day. It just kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter. So we spent more time in casinos than usual and didn’t hit all the places we like to go. However, one highlight was at the barbary coast big bills gamblin hall while getting a $2 hot dog and a 99cent margarita this druk guy tried to befriend me and asked for a dollar. Since it’s vegas and I was bound to lose the dollar somewhere I said okay, to which he replied, “I said $2 right?” He got his dollar, and we moved on. A few hours later we were coming back down the strip and ducked in at Margaritaville. There were a handful of wooden beach chairs inside and I look over and see this same guy totally passed out. I had to stop and take a picture. Hey drunk guy, thanks for a great memory!

The evening consisted of dinner, some folks hit the roller coaster at NYNY afterwards, then we met up down at the fountains of Bellagio…of course not before refilling our Fat Tuesday mugs again. From there we hit the new volcano show at the Mirage, I have to admit I liked the old one better. At this point some people went back to their rooms, the walk was too much. Not to mention it was still like 95+ out in the dark. A couple of guys had to leave the next day so we took the long walk back stopping in for cheap drinks. Along the way Jim ended up with a pitcher of beer in his hand and Ryan and Billy got these giant bottles of bud. I mean just huge. Of course I tried to get someone to buy the $32 80oz guitar drink. It looked just like a guitar, strap and all, but with a big straw and lots of booze. Shots were had, someone had trouble with theirs but I wont name names.

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Day three…LAZY RIVER! My feet were still tired so it was good we were hitting the pool. Chad n Wendi secured our favorite spot and we stayed cool in the shade and in the water. Many beers were consumed, nowhere near what was accomplished last summer, but based on the numbers it was a good effort.

In the evenins we hit Battistas, this is behind the barbary coast big bills gamblin hall. Italian food, even with a tinly old man playing the accordion. It was about $30 an entree with all the wine you can drink and a espresso for dessert. After dinner it was off to the forum shops at Ceasars, a little more Fat Tuesday, then back to the MGM for a couple drinks. We turned in early as we had to hit the road the next day.

All in all this was a fun trip, we could have done one more day, but as I always say, if you feel that way after leaving Vegas you stayed the right number of days.

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Hopefully Renee and I will make it out there again in the fall, if not, Little Brown has a birthday next year and I think it will be crazy.

PS.. Pictures can be seen here:

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