RMIHR Aftermath

RMIHR was a good time. Got down there Friday afternoon. It was raining all the way from Bailey to Fairplay. It stopped right when I got there. I quickly setup the tent in preparation for more rain.

Friday was really just getting settled in and hanging out. Kona loved being around all the people of course. It was pretty cool Friday afternoon and downright cold that night. It rained on and off with one of the on episodes being pretty heavy for awhile.

Saturday morning we awoke to a clear blue sky and full sun. The peaks around us had a good dusting of snow from the storm. Saturday was the show, we got the Scout lined up, chatted with some folks then went on to judging. There were about 100+ vehicles there for the show. I’m not sure if there that many that showed but I sure took a lot of pictures.

I think my favorite truck there was this 1946:

Along with that I really liked the tailgate on this scout. The owner built it himself:

One of my friends showing is a pretty creative guy, he built an ant out of spare parts:

Lastly, this truck is a monster, but very nice, built up by the owner of IH Only:

After a busy morning of voting and talking the dog and I were pretty tired, Kona more so than me:

Saturday afternoon after the judging was the parade through town. Wasn’t too bad except we got pretty broken up from the stop signs and traffic. Many folks waved and admired and probably cursed as we rolled through town.

After the parade was the wild game cookout. Elk steak, elk brats, pulled elk and shredded turkey. I stuck with the elk, a couple servings in fact. The brat and st eak were great, the shreadded/pulled elk was good too, but not as much.

Once dinner settled the 4wd games began with the RTI ramp and the balance. RTI tests your flex, I wimped out with my stock rig. I have wanted to do the balance for years, and I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to just tie up the dog. I’m sure i could have talked someone into holding onto him, but I didn’t want to impose. I totally regret not trying it. Dammit!

Saturday night was pretty clear, the stars were bright as was the moon. We had a good fire going and had a large group of people hanging out and drinking beer. the group started thinning and the next thing we knew is was pushing 3am!!!

Sunday brought out another clear sunny day. Unfortunately the night before I started getting this bad sore throat which was about 10x worse Sunday morning. Sunday was trail trips and more 4wd games. I decided Sat no trip for me as I wanted to get home at a reasonable time Sunday. I planned on the games but since I was not feeling well (no I did not have a hangover) I decided to head out. 🙁

Overall it was great, I’ve never had the opportunity to stay as long as I did and I plan to stay until Monday next year so I don’t feel pressured to get back. I didn’t get to stay for the awars, I doubt I won anything anyway. 🙂

The rest of the pictures can be seen here:
rmihr_2009 079.JPG

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