What can you say. Those young enough remember 1999. The 2000’s have been pretty shitty to me.

I keep hoping for a better year but things get worse. I was really hoping 2010 would be the turn of something new, but already I learned it was no different than previous years.

I certainly hope everyone had a great new year. I can always hope for next year.

EDIT: OF course 4 hours into the new years it’s hard to make that call. Thankfully, there are  a lot of good things to stay focused on and there is no way a “year” decides if it is bad or good, it is just time.

A Better Approach:

Ok, after a firm talking to and I think some swatting of my head there was some sense knocked into me. I always felt the 90’s, other than the music (for the most part) and styles were a pretty great time, better than the 2000’s. Graduated high school, went to many colleges, met a lot of great people and things were always pretty much on the up and up.

The 2000’s were a bit of a roller coaster, but I suppose overall more good than bad came out of the decade and I shouldn’t be so negative about the new one. I’ll even make a list.

The Good:

Got engaged to the greatest girl in the world.

Bought a house.

Great job at Janus where I met many wonderful people.

Even greater job with ServiceMagic where I met even more wonderful people.

Went through 5 cars and 3 motorcycles.

Bought a PS2 in 2002 and a PS3 in 2009

Had 7 different mobile phones

Lived at 3 different addresses, one of which was the Pit and I think that was one of the funnest times of my life.

Welcomed in 3 nephews and 2 nieces.

Got a dog..Kona Bob!

Went to Vegas more times than I can count.

Saw many friends get married, some even reproduced!

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Lost a bunch of weight

The Bad:

Lost family both human and feline

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Almost croaked

Sold a car I regret selling

Had 5  surgeries


Ok, so there was more good than bad, and it goes beyond that. Though it was painful to go through the things I did with surgeries and being sick it has allowed me to be healthier than I have ever been in my life. Still probably a long rocky road ahead, but much better than what I was faced with.

Above everything else, I still have family and great friends around to enjoy the new year and hopefully when 2020 rolls around I can look back and see that this new decade was even better than the last.

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