Project Electrilope – Day 1

I ordered a new shifter/brake combo kit as the original factory one was busted. Well the shifter pods were broken. I essentially had a single speed. The item I got was the Shimano ST-EF65-7R4 (7 speed rear, 4 finger lever for the brakes). It was about $43 on Amazon. Worlds slowest shipping from the seller. Received the new parts today.

My old friend Jim is going to help me with this for Day 2, well at least the replacement of these parts. I removed the old shifter pods and cables, but was unsuccessful removing my grips so the brakes are still attached. I moved on and adjusted the way out of adjustment front and rear derailleurs.

That was it for today, tomorrow we finish removing the old brake levers and cables and install the new brakes and shifters (and cables). Adjust and test it out.

Shifter/Brake lever combo

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