Project Electrilope – Day 3

The Clean Republic Hill Topper kit arrived, the packing of the parts was not great. However nothing appears to be damaged.

Install was pretty simple, the right side of the front fork was a little stubborn but it went into place. I ordered some quick releases and used those for the install.

Since the plan for today was a test fit and test ride I didn’t exactly take my time routing the wires, but the rear rack I recently added was perfect for the battery.

Test ride was great, I will need to work on the position of the button for engaging the motor. Our next step will be testing it on Renee’s bike to ensure she likes it as well so we can decide if we want a second.

The nice thing, is you can tell it’s enough to let you be lazy here and there if you need to be, but otherwise it really is to just assist you and that’s what we want. We still want to get the health benefits of riding, but this should help with my physical limitation.

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