Intel Edison Project

I attend GlueCon this year, and in our swag bag we were given an Intel Edison chip and mini breakout board.

I have been thinking about what I wanted to do with this thing. Sadly with the mini-breakout board you can’t even do the simple blinking led test. However, you could set up a web server to test things out, or just write some code to trigger it to do something.

Most of the ideas of what I wanted to do are turning out to be too complex, or just not realistic. I really wanted to throw RFID tags on the dogs and have a sensor that would track every time they went outside, and maybe even what the weather was like, if it was light or dark out. Etc. Unfortunately the tags and reader just don’t have enough range.

Then I wanted to be notified every time the doorbell rang, there are some examples of this out there. And frankly other than it being a data point in my life it isn’t really useful.

As I sit here typing this in my bedroom, I realize it is easily 5 or more degrees warmer up here than the lower levels of our home. We have a Nest thermostat, which has APIs. At first I will just data gather and maybe fire off something that would be the equivalent of triggering the Nest to do something to make sure I have a solid working platform.

I’ll follow up as I progress. I need to acquire some parts.

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