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About Jay…where does one begin when talking about who they are? I guess it all started when I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan on June 25. Who would have thought at that time I would become the person I am today. I don’t remember anything about Kalamazoo, we moved from there when I was 2.

We then moved to Ohio for about three years, believe it or not I still remember my best friends Jill and Gary, I always wonder what they’re like and what they’re up to today?

After Ohio we moved to where I was so afraid to go, Colorado. I had never heard of it? Well I had, but all I had ever seen were old west style pictures and a whole lot of nothing. I was actually scared of the mountains, then again I was 5. It was 1980 and my Dad had a big job with Amana (appliances) so we got to move and start a new future in a superb place.

I have been here, in Colorado, ever since. I could never imagine leaving this place for a long period of time. I have made so many friends throughout my life, some are long forgotten, others are still in my daily life.

Anywho, this site is really my way of communicating to you, the viewer who I am and give you that unwanted glimpse into my life. If you have no idea who I am and came across this site then I’m sure it’s pretty boring and bland, but for my friends and family that are in other parts of the country, this is a way to keep up with me.

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