06152007 – Audi

Now I missed a couple half tank fill-ups because of our trip last weekend. Meaning I forgot to write down my miles and the gallons pumped (or get a receipt for that matter).

So anyway, since my last fill-up…

Conoco 91 Octane, County Line & Quebec

$3.419 Gal (woo hoo!)

18.102 Gal

$61.89 Tot

439.7 Miles

~24.3 Average MPG

I have been driving a lot more conservatively, plus I had a lot of highway driving. This is the best average I have obtained since I bought the car 6.5 months ago.

06042007 – BMW

BP/Amoco 87 Octane, Evans & Colorado Blvd

$3.419 Gal

4.350 Gal*

$14.87 Tot

148 Miles

~34 Average MPG

* Accurate fillup

I must admit, the last time I filled up, I did not fill the tank properly and therefore is skewed my numbers last time and this time. I shoul really be in the 40’s for AMPG.

If we take the total and average that…

7.756 GAL Total
331 Miles Total
42.67 Average MPG