skinit for my G1

T-Mobile has a deal with Skinit where you can make a custom skin for your G1. I did it, it was about $23 shipped.

Quality is not bad, on 3M material that is supposed to not leave any residue if removed. I was disappointed in the back cover portion as it was much smaller than I anticipated. The pieces for the front were fine.

Not sure it was worth the money, but still a neat way to personalize your phone.


G1 Skin It Font


G1 SkinIt Back


What can you say. Those young enough remember 1999. The 2000’s have been pretty shitty to me.

I keep hoping for a better year but things get worse. I was really hoping 2010 would be the turn of something new, but already I learned it was no different than previous years.

I certainly hope everyone had a great new year. I can always hope for next year.

EDIT: OF course 4 hours into the new years it’s hard to make that call. Thankfully, there are  a lot of good things to stay focused on and there is no way a “year” decides if it is bad or good, it is just time.

A Better Approach:

Ok, after a firm talking to and I think some swatting of my head there was some sense knocked into me. I always felt the 90’s, other than the music (for the most part) and styles were a pretty great time, better than the 2000’s. Graduated high school, went to many colleges, met a lot of great people and things were always pretty much on the up and up.

The 2000’s were a bit of a roller coaster, but I suppose overall more good than bad came out of the decade and I shouldn’t be so negative about the new one. I’ll even make a list.

The Good:

Got engaged to the greatest girl in the world.

Bought a house.

Great job at Janus where I met many wonderful people.

Even greater job with ServiceMagic where I met even more wonderful people.

Went through 5 cars and 3 motorcycles.

Bought a PS2 in 2002 and a PS3 in 2009

Had 7 different mobile phones

Lived at 3 different addresses, one of which was the Pit and I think that was one of the funnest times of my life.

Welcomed in 3 nephews and 2 nieces.

Got a dog..Kona Bob!

Went to Vegas more times than I can count.

Saw many friends get married, some even reproduced!

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Lost a bunch of weight

The Bad:

Lost family both human and feline

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Almost croaked

Sold a car I regret selling

Had 5  surgeries


Ok, so there was more good than bad, and it goes beyond that. Though it was painful to go through the things I did with surgeries and being sick it has allowed me to be healthier than I have ever been in my life. Still probably a long rocky road ahead, but much better than what I was faced with.

Above everything else, I still have family and great friends around to enjoy the new year and hopefully when 2020 rolls around I can look back and see that this new decade was even better than the last.

What in the hell have we done?

We’re all so up in arms over the wars and the potential health care bill, no one seemed to pay attention to the spending bill for 2010.

Start working harder, taxes will have to go up. We cannot keep taking on this debt and not pay it back. They want to increase the deficit from 12.4T to likely 14T net year so we can borrow more money.

Guess we need to crank out some more babies so there can be a larger workforce in the future to pay this all back. Either that of we will become part of the PRC. 😉


Some new features

I should be able to blog on the go now using wptogo for my android phone. It is available in the market for free. You can see in the post below it works pretty well.

Also, I recently got qik for my android and you will see the stream available on the sidebar or by clicking the videos link on the top. No guarantee about what if anything will be there. It should say “Live” if I am recording something. Sweet huh?

If I post or edit it should send out a tweet!