RMIHR – day 1

Midway through day 1. Got my voting done with a good turnout this year and fewer classes to vote in. Last night was stormy, woke up seeing snow on the peaks above tree line. Weather is perfect today.

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Vegas summer2009 day 2

Walked the strip today. Was hotter than hell. Spent as much time as possible losing money and staying cool inside. Got some sheap booze and a hot dog. Gave a drunk guy a dollar and tewo hours later found him passed out in a chair at margaritaville. Next is some dinner at 9 fine irishmen… Continue reading Vegas summer2009 day 2

Some new features

I should be able to blog on the go now using wptogo for my android phone. It is available in the market for free. You can see in the post below it works pretty well. Also, I recently got qik for my android and you will see the stream available on the sidebar or by… Continue reading Some new features