So Obama wants to charge bank fees?

My response to:

Bank fees to help payback the money “we” loaned them. What this is really saying is charge the banks a fee, which they will pass on to their customers eventually coming down to someone else paying the fee. This means “we” will be paying the fee, “we” will be paying back the money “we” loaned.

You know what else, this will impact every class, lower, middle and upper. It will not discriminate. Tell me, how does this seem logical?

My guess is this will come in the form of loan origination fees and other business type transactions. However we know who always gets stuck with the bill…the consumer.

Look at it like this, creative taxation. We loaned money we didn’t have. In fact we had to get a loan to loan money. So we will need to payback money to pay back money. Even I get mad that this is money tax payers loaned these businesses. It’s not like we had some trillion dollar cash reserve just sitting around that we could draw from in emergencies. Instead of raising taxes, we borrow money from other countries and tack on fees which eventually get passed on to tax payers in the forms of higher fees at banks or higher costs on product purchases.

I can’t wait!

Dear President Obama, you are a jerkface

From the following article: AP Sources: Obama backs high-end health plan tax

My biggest gripe is his complete ignorance. Not only will he tax the middle class he is going to totally screw people like me and the thousands of others in my same position. The most ignorant quote of the article:

“I’m on record as saying that taxing Cadillac plans that don’t make people healthier but just take more money out of their pockets because they’re paying more for insurance than they need to, that’s actually a good idea, and that helps bend the cost curve,” the president said in an interview with National Public Radio just before Christmas. “That helps to reduce the cost of health care over the long term. I think that’s a smart thing to do.”

Are you kidding me? I’ll tell you what Mr. President, come on over to my house. Lets have a heart to heart. I would love for you to come tell me my insurance plan is a waste of money. Then, you and I can go to my provider, and you can again tell them my plan is a waste of money. Don’t worry, I will have all the documentation you could ever want available to prove to you otherwise.

I completely understand there are people who have a Cadillac plan that don’t use it. Hell they could save some money on a typical 80/20 or HSA plan. However, I don’t. It would cost me more, a lot more to not have a “Cadillac” plan. On top of that, you want to tax me for it? So then I have to decide, does it cost me more to get taxed or to switch to a lesser plan that will cost me assloads more out of pocket.

I’m sorry, but you are an ignorant son of a bitch. Of course, what do you have to worry about. You get the best medical care in the world and you don’t have to pay a dime. Talk about a Cadillac plan. More like a Bugatti Veryon plan.

Undecided and American

I hate to delve into politics again, but it seems like no matter what it is unavoidable. I will keep it short and sweet. Since I am undecided and an independent I have been trying to take what time I can to research the candidates and their “plans.”

One thing I have learned, is read between the lines, there is some tiny print there. I am bit biased though I’m sure my post will seem that way. If it makes you unhappy or you think I am wrong, feel free to show me the FACTS that make me incorrect.

Okay, hot topics for me in this election, 1. Spending/Economy, 2. Health Care, 3. Military.

Seems odd to many, but I could really give a rats ass bout all the other stuff, it’s all about the basics, money, health and security. The rest can come later after we fix a few messes. I believe each candidate needs to have just a basics approach to bettering our country and that needs to begin with fixing decades of problems. We need to take care of us.

I sent Barack Obama an email, and I got a response signed by him, whether or not it was him remains to be seen. I am sure it was just someone working for his office, it was partially canned but you could tell some was actually free formed. This is always nice because it means they may have actually read my email and considered my questions.

They did TRY to answer my questions, but just like the debates, nothing specific. My biggest question was, how does he believe we can afford most of his items, or any for that matter when he touts fixing the problems with overspending in the government. The response in summary was that it would rely on the repeal of the current tax break for those making over $250K per year. The response claimed that would be enough tax revenue to cover the up front costs of updating our government medical systems with a new IT system.

I only point this one out, because I find it hard to believe that this would be enough money since all the responses I got target this group for the tax money.

Which has lead me into another thought, had this discussion with my Dad the other day too. Think about it, $250,000.00. That’s a lot of money for you and me middle class people…as individuals. However, what about as families? Look up and down your street, look at your relatives. I bet there are plenty of people you know that are in that tax bracket as a household, and that is the target.

While I will admit we’re not quite there, it’s not unrealistic to expect to be there in the future. Basically these people are made out to be bad guys. They are probably some of the hardest working people in America. Hell, a married couple with 3 – 5 kids, I’m not going to say they are living check to check but I would almost bet they aren’t living in a mansion and driving a Ferrari.

Don’t get me wrong, if your household is bringing in $250K / year you are doing good, but you are also taxed heavily as is.

On the note of taxes…other things included, there will be taxes in other places to cover the costs of proposed items in the plan. While the “middle” class may not have more of that take home pay whittled down from income taxes, be prepared to pay higher costs elsewhere…the businesses and other places that will be paying the higher taxes which will translate into higher prices for us middle class.

Moving along, Military, Obama’s straight response was to just yank everyone from Iraq and that will solve our military problems. Not verbatim, but that is the gist of it. In fact, here is the actual response to my question of “How do we modernize and strengthen our military.?”

And we must end a war in Iraq that John McCain wants to continue, a war that should never have been authorized and never been waged, and has cost us over one trillion dollars in addition to the incalculable human toll. The peace dividend we will realize from ending this war is an important part of putting our fiscal house in order.

Nothing there really addressed my question. At this point you might be asking, what about the first point I made about spending and the economy. His responses were good, attempt to have investigations and committees to look into the out of control spending in the government and how to reign that in.

In the end, everything costs money, and both candidates have way to broad of plans to even consider getting a fraction of them complete without hurting us more. I will post more as I am sending a similar email to McCain.

I just see these ads on TV and the debates and talk to people and I think some folks just listen to the ads and the debates and don’t think about that these guys are just like car sales men. They are telling you what you want to here knowing they don’t have to in any way shape or form follow through with what they say ther are going to do.

They all have agendas and it’s not always in our best interest. Take this with a grain of salt and I would love to talk more but I am tired and busy. I will try to offer equal time to the candidates ;).

I am still undecided and keep in mind my skepticism towards McCain is the same as that for Obama. I am a registered voter but I am not a Republican and I am not Democrat, I just vote for who I feel is the best overall candidate for our country.

Don’t think about the last 8 years, think about the next four. It’s almost over, take the parties out of it, look at the candidates, their plans and how they plan to achieve their goals, how they will work with congress and do they really care about this country or themselves.

Be good.