Some new features

I should be able to blog on the go now using wptogo for my android phone. It is available in the market for free. You can see in the post below it works pretty well.

Also, I recently got qik for my android and you will see the stream available on the sidebar or by clicking the videos link on the top. No guarantee about what if anything will be there. It should say “Live” if I am recording something. Sweet huh?

If I post or edit it should send out a tweet!

New category

I created a new category called Gaslog. I am just going to post every time I fill up one of my vehicles. I used to be really anal about that stuff back in the day. Then I got lazy…or drunk…or both. Anyway, it’s good for me, and it’s kind of gross to see how dependent we are on oil. Plus you can see the ridiculous amounts I spend on fuel. 🙂

Movie Ratings & Reviews

I am testing out a new movie rating and review setup for my blog. They will no longer be posted as a post, but are accessible via the Movie Reviews link in the upper right.

Please check it out, it just has my two newest, A Million to Juan and Tootsie. I need to finish writing the reviews for both, I just put them up to test it out.