RMIHR Aftermath

RMIHR was a good time. Got down there Friday afternoon. It was raining all the way from Bailey to Fairplay. It stopped right when I got there. I quickly setup the tent in preparation for more rain.

Friday was really just getting settled in and hanging out. Kona loved being around all the people of course. It was pretty cool Friday afternoon and downright cold that night. It rained on and off with one of the on episodes being pretty heavy for awhile.

Saturday morning we awoke to a clear blue sky and full sun. The peaks around us had a good dusting of snow from the storm. Saturday was the show, we got the Scout lined up, chatted with some folks then went on to judging. There were about 100+ vehicles there for the show. I’m not sure if there that many that showed but I sure took a lot of pictures.

I think my favorite truck there was this 1946:

rmihr_2009 067.JPG

Along with that I really liked the tailgate on this scout. The owner built it himself:

rmihr_2009 041.JPG

One of my friends showing is a pretty creative guy, he built an ant out of spare parts:

rmihr_2009 059.JPG

Lastly, this truck is a monster, but very nice, built up by the owner of IH Only:

rmihr_2009 072.JPG

After a busy morning of voting and talking the dog and I were pretty tired, Kona more so than me:

rmihr_2009 071.JPG

Saturday afternoon after the judging was the parade through town. Wasn’t too bad except we got pretty broken up from the stop signs and traffic. Many folks waved and admired and probably cursed as we rolled through town.

After the parade was the wild game cookout. Elk steak, elk brats, pulled elk and shredded turkey. I stuck with the elk, a couple servings in fact. The brat and st eak were great, the shreadded/pulled elk was good too, but not as much.

Once dinner settled the 4wd games began with the RTI ramp and the balance. RTI tests your flex, I wimped out with my stock rig. I have wanted to do the balance for years, and I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to just tie up the dog. I’m sure i could have talked someone into holding onto him, but I didn’t want to impose. I totally regret not trying it. Dammit!

Saturday night was pretty clear, the stars were bright as was the moon. We had a good fire going and had a large group of people hanging out and drinking beer. the group started thinning and the next thing we knew is was pushing 3am!!!

Sunday brought out another clear sunny day. Unfortunately the night before I started getting this bad sore throat which was about 10x worse Sunday morning. Sunday was trail trips and more 4wd games. I decided Sat no trip for me as I wanted to get home at a reasonable time Sunday. I planned on the games but since I was not feeling well (no I did not have a hangover) I decided to head out. 🙁

Overall it was great, I’ve never had the opportunity to stay as long as I did and I plan to stay until Monday next year so I don’t feel pressured to get back. I didn’t get to stay for the awars, I doubt I won anything anyway. 🙂

The rest of the pictures can be seen here:
rmihr_2009 079.JPG

Vegas Summer 2009 Post Mortem

vegas 2009 003.JPG

What can I say, Vegas is always a blast with friends. It really was not promising that we could go, but I did take the time off and booked a room on the chance we could make it work.

As the trip grew closer I kept my trap shut for the most part because I didn’t want to be pressured to go if it was out of my control. In the end, we decided it was a go and worse case we come back a day early.

We drove out to Vegas, took about 9.5 hours this time. Only one stop on the way and that was for gas in Green River, Utah. Once we reached Vegas we got checked in to the MGM Grand, then retrieved the car to head over the highway to In-n-Out. There is an In-n-Out in St Georg, Utah which is closer to Colorado, but in terms of location this is the best if you can’t be in California. If you do decide on IN-n-Out while in Vegas go to the on on Tropicana, it is the best.

After a double-double we headed back to the hotel and proceeded directly to Fat Tuesday in the star lane shops section of MGM Grand. That is accessed from the lobby. We bring out insulated mugs back each time for a discounted refill. I got my favorite mix of 190 Octane and Cat 5 Hurricane. At this point we had a rough idea of where people were supposed to meet and I monitored their facebook postings to find out what was going on. In the end I had to make a call to find out and was able to surprise a few folks.

The first night brought us to Ghost Bar at the Palms. It has an incredible view and seems like a neat place. It was dead and out group of about 20 constituted half the patrons in the place. We got in trouble for jumping on the window in the floor and a few other innocent things. I thought there were no rules in Vegas?

vegas 2009 004.JPG

After the Ghost Bar we headed to the Playboy club. Again, dead as a doornail and nothing risque. The bunny dealers were more covered up then most the cocktail waitresses on the casino floors. Again we made up the majority of the customers. I got out my phone to stream some video, security then chimes in “Sorry, no video, but you can take all the photos you want.” Now this guy was pretty cool because I was able to joke with him about how there really is no difference. I mean a video is just a bunch of still photos put together. They also had this platforms that were lit up for the dancing girls on certain nights. I guess they forgot to remove them. I got on on one and had my picture taken, later Brigette did the same. After that anyone who dared set foot on a platform was quickly escorted off of it. lame.

I think at this point we were all pretty far gone, got a limo back to MGM, then some drinks and bed!

vegas 2009 044.JPG

Day two was a usual routine for Renee and I, get up, get some food, fill our Fat Tuesday mugs and walk the strip. The only issue was that it ended up being 112 that day. It just kept getting hotter and hotter and hotter. So we spent more time in casinos than usual and didn’t hit all the places we like to go. However, one highlight was at the barbary coast big bills gamblin hall while getting a $2 hot dog and a 99cent margarita this druk guy tried to befriend me and asked for a dollar. Since it’s vegas and I was bound to lose the dollar somewhere I said okay, to which he replied, “I said $2 right?” He got his dollar, and we moved on. A few hours later we were coming back down the strip and ducked in at Margaritaville. There were a handful of wooden beach chairs inside and I look over and see this same guy totally passed out. I had to stop and take a picture. Hey drunk guy, thanks for a great memory!

The evening consisted of dinner, some folks hit the roller coaster at NYNY afterwards, then we met up down at the fountains of Bellagio…of course not before refilling our Fat Tuesday mugs again. From there we hit the new volcano show at the Mirage, I have to admit I liked the old one better. At this point some people went back to their rooms, the walk was too much. Not to mention it was still like 95+ out in the dark. A couple of guys had to leave the next day so we took the long walk back stopping in for cheap drinks. Along the way Jim ended up with a pitcher of beer in his hand and Ryan and Billy got these giant bottles of bud. I mean just huge. Of course I tried to get someone to buy the $32 80oz guitar drink. It looked just like a guitar, strap and all, but with a big straw and lots of booze. Shots were had, someone had trouble with theirs but I wont name names.

vegas 2009 059.JPG

Day three…LAZY RIVER! My feet were still tired so it was good we were hitting the pool. Chad n Wendi secured our favorite spot and we stayed cool in the shade and in the water. Many beers were consumed, nowhere near what was accomplished last summer, but based on the numbers it was a good effort.

In the evenins we hit Battistas, this is behind the barbary coast big bills gamblin hall. Italian food, even with a tinly old man playing the accordion. It was about $30 an entree with all the wine you can drink and a espresso for dessert. After dinner it was off to the forum shops at Ceasars, a little more Fat Tuesday, then back to the MGM for a couple drinks. We turned in early as we had to hit the road the next day.

All in all this was a fun trip, we could have done one more day, but as I always say, if you feel that way after leaving Vegas you stayed the right number of days.

vegas 2009 005.JPG

Hopefully Renee and I will make it out there again in the fall, if not, Little Brown has a birthday next year and I think it will be crazy.

PS.. Pictures can be seen here: http://www.jaygietl.com/v/trips/2009/07132009

Vegas summer 2009 day 1

Pretty good day. We got in around 4pm vegas time. Got checked in then hit in n out for some burgers. After some confusion, we found our group.

We headed over to ghost bar arounf 930, hung out then went to the playboy club. Of the two ghost bar takes the cake. A balcony with a great view.

Not to mention we got in yrouble at playboy for trying to take videwo, yet still photos are fine. Along with getting escorted off the go go stages ehrn we wanted photo ops. There werw 20 of us, when we left thast had maybe 20 people left. Dumb asses.

Looking forward to day 2. The drive wore me out. Stay tuned.

Thanksgiving in New Mexico 2008

We are back from our Thanksgiving trip to New Mexico to see Renee’s parents. We alternate holidays each year, last year we were there for Christmas. I have this nasty knack of being sick almost every time we go down there. This year was no exception. Of course I was fine last year go figure.

It seems I must have picked up some crud from the office. I know a few folks were coming down sick right before I left town and Tuesday I was starting to feel “under the weather.” It made for an easy drive down, Renee did all the driving and I slept on and off. The dog slept most of the way.

This was Kona after realizing we’d been in the car 3.5 hours and still hadn’t stopped anywhere fun:

Thanksgiving_NM_2008 001.JPG

Alamogordo, NM is a pretty small place compared to what I am used to. In terms of cities I’m sure it’s bigger than a few around here, but there is not really anything around there. There are mountains which are nice. On Thanksgiving during the day since it was raining we took a drive into the mountains. We stopped a few places, one was the historic Mexican Canyon Tressle and then again later up in Cloudcroft near a ranch to snap a couple pictures.

Thanksgiving_NM_2008 003.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 004.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 011.JPG

We had planned on going to White Sands both Thursday and Friday, but due to the rain all day on Thursday we couldn’t. However, we did make it out on Friday. It was pretty busy, but we found a nice area to walk out and let Kona run around like a total nut job.

Thanksgiving_NM_2008 033.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 035.JPG

Speaking of nuts, there are a few rather large Pistachio farms near Alamogordo, I think they may actually be in Tularosa but whatever. We stopped at one called McGinns because they have a GIANT Pistachio out front. It was really the only reason we went there.

Thanksgiving_NM_2008 012.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 013.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 016.JPG

After visiting the giant Pistachio we decided to stop by the Space Museum and take advantage of some photo ops:

Thanksgiving_NM_2008 018.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 022.JPG
Thanksgiving_NM_2008 025.JPG

All in all the trip was nice, it’s always good to spend the holidays with family if you can. We had some wonderful meals and we got to meet the new kitten Nikolai. He was a real sweet cat, when he wasn;y trying to get attention from us he was trying to make the dog think he was tough through the glass.

A little spring…er…summer cleaning

For those that visit frequently you’ll see a new look to the site. I figured it was time for a change. Hopefully everything works okay. I also finally installed a spam blocker so now I wont need to spend so much time reviewing every comment posting and deleting 99.9% of them.

I recently uploaded all the pictures I took from the last Vegas trip. I have some videos I posted on You Tube as well.

Some other things to note, we picked up a new car, not unlike my old…um…current car. Okay, so if you aren’t aware I have way too many cars. One of which is a 2006 VW Passat. I leased it, the lease is coming up and we wanted to get Renee a car. After shopping around we actually though about buying out the Passat, but the residual is too high compared to market value. However, we stumbled upon a great deal and a great sales experience with Emich VW. We ended up getting a 2008 VW Passat, same exterior color of Deep Black but this time the interior color is classic grey. It has resulted in great confusion for the dog, but he’ll get over it.

The Scout will be done soon. I dropped it off in Penrose, CO back in early December 2007 to have some work done on it. When I get it back I will do a more formal post with what has been going on, but I got some more pictures today and it looks great. Once I get it back we well be heading to Rocky Mountain International Harvester Rendezvous. After that I need to finish up a couple items then get it into paint. I am still deciding on color(s) but I think I have it figured out. I think.

Lastly, well, I can’t think of a whole lot. We went to a party for a little bit on the 4th then met up with my parents to go watch fireworks. It was a great show, we sat really close to where they were being launched so it was really exciting.

I hope everyone is having a good summer and as I always say, lets get together soon!