1979 Honda CM400A

SOLD July 2006

Not much to it. This is a classic vintage Japanese motorcycle. You can still find a few on eBay. They aren’t that powerful but are great for city riding. Looks tougher than a moped or a scooter and does 80 pretty easily. The 2-gear semi-automatic transmission is a breeze.

It was one of those things where when I was in my teens and learning to ride my instructor told me about the Hondamatics and said if I ever found one in good shape to pic it up as it is a unique bike.

I finally took the time to upload some pictures, click on the image below to see a bigger version and the rest of the gallery:



  1. I have an 1981 I’m presently restoring. I love the bike. I have an attached sidecar which my lab ride in. I can’t go anywhere without her, or I’ll be in trouble.
    It will do 0-60 in about an hour. But, it’s fun for riding around town. Been really dependable. In fact, I’m not doing anything to the engine/transmission. Just cleaning, sanding, painting etc…

  2. That’s great Mike. A sidecar would be very cool! My only real plans at this point are to put a stock exhaust or stock looking exhaust back on it. I don’t like what’s on there now, it is really loud and frankly, is a bit embarrasing considering the bike isn’t that big. 🙂

    I guess some paint is needed as well, I hope to try to paint it one of the factory colors, probably the original so I don’t have to find replacement side covers.

    Good luck with the resto!

  3. Got it restored. Painted the bike & sidecar army OD green and have US ARMY and the star logos on it. It’s quite the specticle. 10-4 about the pipes. Mine were rusted so I made straight pipes for it. WAY too loud.

  4. Congrats! Glad you got it all done, sounds like it is a head turner. Enjoy cruising around with your lab.

  5. I have 1979 CM400A, trying to fix it, on the right side of the bike (battery side) somebody cut some wires right above the battery. Can anybody tell me or take a pic of your bike so that I can see whats missing. They are wires in a harness, 1- grn/y strip, 1- grn/pink strip, 1 – y/pink strip, 1- blk, 1 – rd heavy wire and 1 rd/wh heavy wire.

  6. Carlos, I just sold mine last week 🙁 I wish I could help. There is a decent yahoo group out there, when I get home I will find the link and email it to you.

  7. I just bought a 1980 hondamatic, I am looking for the RH and LH side covers. I am in the Navy on demployment and will return state side with a few months, Does anyone know where to buy the side covers.


  8. Congrats on teh purchase. I had to replace one of my side covers and was able to find it on eBay. I was fortunate enough to find one the same color, but from a different year so the graphic was slightly different.

    I would try there and any online motorcycle boneyards.

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