So Obama wants to charge bank fees?

My response to:

Bank fees to help payback the money “we” loaned them. What this is really saying is charge the banks a fee, which they will pass on to their customers eventually coming down to someone else paying the fee. This means “we” will be paying the fee, “we” will be paying back the money “we” loaned.

You know what else, this will impact every class, lower, middle and upper. It will not discriminate. Tell me, how does this seem logical?

My guess is this will come in the form of loan origination fees and other business type transactions. However we know who always gets stuck with the bill…the consumer.

Look at it like this, creative taxation. We loaned money we didn’t have. In fact we had to get a loan to loan money. So we will need to payback money to pay back money. Even I get mad that this is money tax payers loaned these businesses. It’s not like we had some trillion dollar cash reserve just sitting around that we could draw from in emergencies. Instead of raising taxes, we borrow money from other countries and tack on fees which eventually get passed on to tax payers in the forms of higher fees at banks or higher costs on product purchases.

I can’t wait!

Dear President Obama, you are a jerkface

From the following article: AP Sources: Obama backs high-end health plan tax

My biggest gripe is his complete ignorance. Not only will he tax the middle class he is going to totally screw people like me and the thousands of others in my same position. The most ignorant quote of the article:

“I’m on record as saying that taxing Cadillac plans that don’t make people healthier but just take more money out of their pockets because they’re paying more for insurance than they need to, that’s actually a good idea, and that helps bend the cost curve,” the president said in an interview with National Public Radio just before Christmas. “That helps to reduce the cost of health care over the long term. I think that’s a smart thing to do.”

Are you kidding me? I’ll tell you what Mr. President, come on over to my house. Lets have a heart to heart. I would love for you to come tell me my insurance plan is a waste of money. Then, you and I can go to my provider, and you can again tell them my plan is a waste of money. Don’t worry, I will have all the documentation you could ever want available to prove to you otherwise.

I completely understand there are people who have a Cadillac plan that don’t use it. Hell they could save some money on a typical 80/20 or HSA plan. However, I don’t. It would cost me more, a lot more to not have a “Cadillac” plan. On top of that, you want to tax me for it? So then I have to decide, does it cost me more to get taxed or to switch to a lesser plan that will cost me assloads more out of pocket.

I’m sorry, but you are an ignorant son of a bitch. Of course, what do you have to worry about. You get the best medical care in the world and you don’t have to pay a dime. Talk about a Cadillac plan. More like a Bugatti Veryon plan.


What can you say. Those young enough remember 1999. The 2000’s have been pretty shitty to me.

I keep hoping for a better year but things get worse. I was really hoping 2010 would be the turn of something new, but already I learned it was no different than previous years.

I certainly hope everyone had a great new year. I can always hope for next year.

EDIT: OF course 4 hours into the new years it’s hard to make that call. Thankfully, there are  a lot of good things to stay focused on and there is no way a “year” decides if it is bad or good, it is just time.

A Better Approach:

Ok, after a firm talking to and I think some swatting of my head there was some sense knocked into me. I always felt the 90’s, other than the music (for the most part) and styles were a pretty great time, better than the 2000’s. Graduated high school, went to many colleges, met a lot of great people and things were always pretty much on the up and up.

The 2000’s were a bit of a roller coaster, but I suppose overall more good than bad came out of the decade and I shouldn’t be so negative about the new one. I’ll even make a list.

The Good:

Got engaged to the greatest girl in the world.

Bought a house.

Great job at Janus where I met many wonderful people.

Even greater job with ServiceMagic where I met even more wonderful people.

Went through 5 cars and 3 motorcycles.

Bought a PS2 in 2002 and a PS3 in 2009

Had 7 different mobile phones

Lived at 3 different addresses, one of which was the Pit and I think that was one of the funnest times of my life.

Welcomed in 3 nephews and 2 nieces.

Got a dog..Kona Bob!

Went to Vegas more times than I can count.

Saw many friends get married, some even reproduced!

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Lost a bunch of weight

The Bad:

Lost family both human and feline

Found out mostly what was wrong with me

Almost croaked

Sold a car I regret selling

Had 5  surgeries


Ok, so there was more good than bad, and it goes beyond that. Though it was painful to go through the things I did with surgeries and being sick it has allowed me to be healthier than I have ever been in my life. Still probably a long rocky road ahead, but much better than what I was faced with.

Above everything else, I still have family and great friends around to enjoy the new year and hopefully when 2020 rolls around I can look back and see that this new decade was even better than the last.

Basement Bar Project

We love that the house has two bars, but what we didn’t love was the laminate counter top that was like a pink marble look. Not to mention the lower part of the bar looks like the rest of the basement and it just kind of blends in, as seen below.
basement 006.JPG
basement 007.JPG
basement 008.JPG

Trying to be as frugal as possible we looked into some options, the most expensive being ripping it all out and building a new one, replacing just the counter top (also costly) or to go with a painted solution.

We had heard about a product from Rustoleum that is designed for painting over laminate counter tops. All solid colors but it is supposed to harden and be just as durable.

It runs about $20 a can, you get it tinted at the store, Home Depot carries it and they state it covers 25 linear feet. I will say it is pretty challenging to apply. We easily needed 3 coats, one was too thin, 2 got good coverage but left un-eveness and the third coat should have been the trick.

Since this was our first time using the product it wasn’t perfect and we will need to go back and try one more coat to cover up our boo boo’s. The nice thing is, no primer is needed and no sanding, just clean the counter top real well and mask off areas really well. This stuff is hard core, need a well ventilated room for sure and it takes 3 days to fully harden.

Things to note, you need a roller designed for smooth surfaces, use a pint pan that is relatively smooth as well. And use one of the expensive brushes for the edges. Keep in mind the brush will be done, so we used a cheapy brush for the first coat and a nice one for the second. Didn’t really need one for the third. This paint will NOT wash out of a brush, or clothes. I got it on my hand 4 days ago and there is still a little left.

After the first few coats:

basement 011.JPG
basement 012.JPG
basement 013.JPG

Once the bar top was done, it was time to move onto the lower outward facing side of the bar. Since this had a white semi gloss it needed a gray primer because we wanted to go with a deep brown. We once again chose a rustoleum product. This is their Kona Brown (no we didn’t pick it because of the dog) color and it is a gloss paint that is designed to look like finished wood, even hardwood at that.

This too was a gamble, for this part it requried one can of primer at ~$7 and the paint for ~$7 so $14-15 for the paint. Standard rollers and cheap brushes work well for this part.

I pulled back the carpet since it was easy to do after a broken pipe incident from a few years ago. This would allow me to get the base board painted better. Masked off the places I didn’t want paint and primed away. Below is a picture with the primer done. Doesn’t look too bad just like that, almost a beach bar kind of feel.

basement 020.JPG

Once that was dry (primer dries fast BTW) it was time for the kona brown. When I opened the can it was red! However, after stirring it for about 10 minutes it turned a dark brown (whew).

This took two coats, first coat interestingly enough gave off the appearance of like a hardwood floor. I was tempted to leave it to give a more used feel, but we were going for a little fresher look so I went ahead and did a second coat, this was the result. Keep in mind I suck at taking pictures, you really need to see it in person.

basement 023.JPG
basement 025.JPG