Conte’s Gluten Free Pizza

Found this at Whole Foods the other week. Best damn frozen GF pizza ever. They appear to have other GF products but this was the only one I saw at whole foods. Conte’s Pasta Website

Basement Bar Project

We love that the house has two bars, but what we didn’t love was the laminate counter top that was like a pink marble look. Not to mention the lower part of the bar looks like the rest of the basement and it just kind of blends in, as seen below. 11548 11552 11555 Trying… Continue reading Basement Bar Project

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RMIHR Aftermath

RMIHR was a good time. Got down there Friday afternoon. It was raining all the way from Bailey to Fairplay. It stopped right when I got there. I quickly setup the tent in preparation for more rain. Friday was really just getting settled in and hanging out. Kona loved being around all the people of… Continue reading RMIHR Aftermath

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RMIHR – day 1

Midway through day 1. Got my voting done with a good turnout this year and fewer classes to vote in. Last night was stormy, woke up seeing snow on the peaks above tree line. Weather is perfect today.

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