Cars, cars, cars….breathe….cars, cars, cars

CARS! Why is that all I can think about, cars. I love cars, trucks, motorcycles, busses, campers, vans, mopeds…I am an addict.

Unfortunately, this addiction costs a pretty penny. I will admit, in the last couple years I have settled down. I bought a car that truly puts a grin on my face every time I drive it. It does garner some attention, not that I want it, but it gets it from people who know what it is. In that case it doesn’t bother me because I love talking about cars.


The drawback, is that this is a 1992 Audi UrS4. Which translates into a) being old and 2) being costly to repair. I think the hardest part, which is true with just about anything, is diagnosing the problem.

I know it is sometimes a simple problem with a complex solution, in this case, I have a more complex problem, which I hope does not have an equally complex solution.

There is more than one way to skin a cat they say. I could just start replacing parts, then if the problem goes away, woot, nice work. Or, I can take the time to properly troubleshoot the issue then replace what needs replacing and move on.

Pros and cons to each. If I just start replacing stuff I might replace something that doesn’t need replacing, costing me extra money. Of course, the longer it takes to diagnose the issue the higher risk I run of something going wrong.

My current issues, which I hope is all one big interrelated issue, is this rhythmic squeak from the engine bay. it is clear that it comes from the serpentine belt (accessories) and appears to be the sound of a sad pulley, but it could be a sad power steering pump as well. It feels like there is plenty of tension in the belt, so I don’t believe it is the tensioner. Plus I believe I just replaced the belt in December 2007.

However, I am also having problems with my Air Conditioning. I have no idea if they are related, they might be, they might not be. Either way i need to resolve both of these items.

I did change the oil this weekend on the car, it was pretty painless. At the last oil change I had an oil drain valve installed. It really helped speed the process up and I don’t need to worry about the pain in the ass drain plug bolt be frozen to the pan. Frozen? Yeah, aluminum pan and a steel bolt. Different expansion/contraction temps.

Now the car sits in the garage while I figure out the next step in my troubleshooting process. Fortunately I can ride the motorcycle again, though it too needs some maintenance. I also still have the Scout, which I just got back a few weeks ago. It too needs a little TLC and a lot of paint.