World Series!

Yes this is way late, but I was fortunate enough to attend the World Series and root on my doomed Colorado Rockies. Back in the day I was a big fan, but I fell to the wayside in the late 90’s as one dissappointing season after another went by and the management and owners did nothing.

Anyway, it was quite an experience to go and something I will remember forever. It was really great because I got to go with my Dad who took me to my first MLB game when I was a kid. The Cleveland Indians back when we lived in Ohio. I don’t even know who we played, but I got a ball cap and a bat!

Congrats to the Sox, it was pretty cool to play such a high salary high caliber team. 😉 Next year looks to be another great year for the Rocks so it will be nice to be able to root them on without swearing at them. 🙂