Thanksgiving in New Mexico 2008

We are back from our Thanksgiving trip to New Mexico to see Renee’s parents. We alternate holidays each year, last year we were there for Christmas. I have this nasty knack of being sick almost every time we go down there. This year was no exception. Of course I was fine last year go figure.

It seems I must have picked up some crud from the office. I know a few folks were coming down sick right before I left town and Tuesday I was starting to feel “under the weather.” It made for an easy drive down, Renee did all the driving and I slept on and off. The dog slept most of the way.

This was Kona after realizing we’d been in the car 3.5 hours and still hadn’t stopped anywhere fun:


Alamogordo, NM is a pretty small place compared to what I am used to. In terms of cities I’m sure it’s bigger than a few around here, but there is not really anything around there. There are mountains which are nice. On Thanksgiving during the day since it was raining we took a drive into the mountains. We stopped a few places, one was the historic Mexican Canyon Tressle and then again later up in Cloudcroft near a ranch to snap a couple pictures.


We had planned on going to White Sands both Thursday and Friday, but due to the rain all day on Thursday we couldn’t. However, we did make it out on Friday. It was pretty busy, but we found a nice area to walk out and let Kona run around like a total nut job.


Speaking of nuts, there are a few rather large Pistachio farms near Alamogordo, I think they may actually be in Tularosa but whatever. We stopped at one called McGinns because they have a GIANT Pistachio out front. It was really the only reason we went there.


After visiting the giant Pistachio we decided to stop by the Space Museum and take advantage of some photo ops:


All in all the trip was nice, it’s always good to spend the holidays with family if you can. We had some wonderful meals and we got to meet the new kitten Nikolai. He was a real sweet cat, when he wasn;y trying to get attention from us he was trying to make the dog think he was tough through the glass.